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Other Functionalities

This section highlights the other important functionalities of the admin console

System Properties

This section is mainly used to manage system settings and global variables. Changing or removing any of these values might negatively impact system performance.

Admin System Properties

Content Settings

This feature is used to modify the height and width for all kinds of available file types for a normal, small, or large file size.

Admin Content Settings

Currency Conversions

This feature is used to Configure the conversion rates for all configured currencies.

Admin Currency Conversations


Security is a simple and important feature that helps you keep control of your users’ access to sensitive company data. With Security, you can configure organization roles and associated permissions, update an existing role or create a new role, and then deploy it to your team.

Admin Security


This feature is to Manage OAuth2 application integrations i.e., integrate any available to the clients. Example: Integrate the client’s application to outlook, Google drive, JIRA etc. Admin Integrations

Admin Integrations


This feature is used to manage the SiteMaps

Admin Sitemaps

API Processes:

This feature is to Manage Entity event-based API processes.

Admin Manage Api